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"Nothing great in the
world has ever
been accomplished
without passion

- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - 

Hey there, I'm Michaela Miller - the lady behind MoonPop Creative! ​

My passion has always been graphic design, but my 9-5 jobs always took me in the direction of advertising. I started this business as a perfect blend of design and marketing, to make the process easier for both individuals and businesses. Often, the creative flow of designers is dammed up by the calculating psychology of advertising strategists, or plugged up by the strong arm of accounting. I aim to integrate these two opposing forces. By blending rational and intuitive, I provide the WOW factor you're looking for.  You also benefit from having a graphic designer, editor and ad coordinator all at once!

My designs start from scratch; just me and white space. I've provided a store for you to choose between designs, but I'm always ready to create something new. For businesses looking for design and/or marketing services, you can start with a package type and we can customize the work from there.

Finally, I've always hated how websites are never upfront about pricing, and hated how some companies overprice their services. Beautiful, affordable and transparent - that's how MoonPop Creative rolls.

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